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We know which lender has the best loan for you.

Your one-stop shop for Australia's leading lenders in Beauty Equipment.

Quickly compare loan offers from multiple lenders.

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We can take an application over the phone or online. We just need to know what you want to buy, how much you need and a little about yourself and business. 


You'll get your very own funding specialist to assist you along the way

Each business is unique, so we'll get to know your business better to ensure we're able to get the best deal for your individual circumstances. 


Compare loan offers
Your funding specialist will assist you compare offers and arrange an approval so the funds are ready to go when you need them.


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Need the funds quickly? Depending on the type of loan, we can have funds delivered within just a few hours.

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“I got 2 quotes for my new equipment. I couldn't believe how much Tattersalls could save me!” 

—  K. Worthington (Finance for Coffee Machine & Display Fridges)

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Quickly compare loan offers from multiple lenders.

We want to save you time, effort and money. With one application, we can compare multiple lenders from the marketplace.

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We're on your side, and in your corner.
Looking for funding for Beauty Equipment? We've got you covered with options for these and many, many more.
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Beauty Equipment

Therapy Lights | Biosculpt |Fat Freezing | Fat Cavitation And Vela | Facial Machine | Laser Beauty Machine | Tattoo Removal Machine | IPL Machine | Freeze Dry Machine | Laser Hair Removal | Pico Technology Machines | Beauty Equipment | Beauty Equipment Suppliers | Red Light Therapy Solution | Full Body Red Light Therapy Solution | Therapy Lights | Biosculpt Body 2 Handle | Biosculpt Body 4 Handle | Biosculpt Body Machine | Biosculpt Body Device | Hiemt -  Ems | Fat Freezing Machine | Biosculpt 4 Handle Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine | Biosculpt 2 Handle Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine | Fat Cavitation And Vela Machine | Salon Scultping Machine With Lipo Laser | Biosculpt Sculpting Machine Professional | Biosculpt Salon Sculpting Machine | Facial Machines | Hydra-Dermabrasion Facial Machine | Premium Biosculpt Diode Laser | Laser Beauty Machine | Led Facial Machine | Tattoo Removal Machine | Ipl Machine | Intense Pulsed Light Machine | Freeze Dry Machine | Facial System Machine | Laser Hair Removal Machine | Soprano Laser Hair Removal | Harmony Xl Pro Machine | Accent Prime | Soprano Titanium Hair Removal | Alma Hybrid | Pico Clear | Derma Clear | Soprano Ice  | Cryogenic Machines | Cryolipolsis Machine  | Fat Freezing Equipment |Spectrum Quantum Portable Tattoo Machine | Laser Tattoo Removal Machine | Spectrum Quantum Tattoo Removal Laser | Speectrum Switch Tattoo Removal Laser | Discovery Pico Series | Quanta Discovery Pico Machine | Quanta Discovery Pico System | Discovery Pico Series | Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Machine | Picosecond Laser Tattoo Removal Device | Q Switch Laser Equipment | Q Switch Laser Machine | Picosure Pro Machine

Hair Wash

Borrow smarter, save more

We'll help you compare loan offerings from the leading lenders in the marketplace.

We're your one-stop shop for all your funding needs when it comes to Beauty Equipment.

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