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A Vendor Finance Program is more than just a convenience for your customers...

It's a valuable sales and marketing tool.

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Get on top of your competition

Today, more than ever, manufacturers, distributors and dealers are turning to Vendor Finance Programs to stay ahead of their competition and capture the many benefits it has to offer. We have set new standards in tailoring innovative vendor finance solutions for manufacturers, distributors and dealers to facilitate the purchase of equipment for their customers.

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We're on your side

The typical funder or bank only want to lend a customer money when they can prove they don’t need it. At Tattersalls Finance, we are on your side. We understand that you sell equipment, not finance. Vendors don’t need to be experts in finance and the attention required is negligible. We work with you to develop practical and relevant finance solutions that will benefit you and your customers and we provide you with all the service and support you’ll need.

Benefits of a Vendor Finance Program
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Why Customers are attracted to Vendor Finance Programs...


  • Predictable, low monthly payments

  • Reduced upfront costs and preservation of capital

  • Convenience

  • Flexible pay structures

  • Ability to bundle transactions

  • Keep up with changes to technology

  • Potential accounting and tax advantages

To learn more, please contact our office for an informative discussion.

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“I got 2 quotes for my new equipment. I couldn't believe how much Tattersalls could save me!” 

—  K. Worthington (Finance for Coffee Machine & Display Fridges)

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