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A seamless property investing experience.

Finally, someone’s been able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together to deliver a seamless property investing experience.

What happens when you combine...


One of the industry's leading property managers with 1000+ properties under management



Some of the most experienced minds in the finance industry



Welcome to the next big thing in property


designed to save clients money and improve their investment returns

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Combine & Save!
Interior Modern Brick House

Property Management

Get industry leading full service property management for only 4.4%

We'll manage your property for just 4.4% plus 1 weeks letting fee.

That's it, no hidden extras and no annoying monthly fees that should already be included.


Want to know how we consistently achieve great results for our Landlord's and their Investments? Click above to learn more.

Interior Design

Property & Mortgage Management

Combine & Save!

Get industry leading property and mortgage management for only $44 per month

It's our revolutionary new offer and it's getting plenty of attention.

When you combine our property and mortgage management. We are able to use the fees the lenders pay us for originating and managing your loan, to offset your property management costs.

We have limited openings each month, so register your interest today.

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Mortgage Management

Just like a normal mortgage broker, but with ongoing support.

We know which lenders have the best rates in the market. We'll make sure you get the best deal on a new or existing loan. 

Here's the difference to a typical mortgage broker... We continue to monitor the market and support you for the life of the loan making sure you're always getting the best possible deal.



Q: So you'll make sure I'm getting a great deal on my mortgage, potentially saving me thousands. Plus, I'll get your full service property management that usually costs 4.4%, but all for a fixed fee of $44 per month?

A: That's Right!

Combine & Save!




P&M: How It Works
How It Works

Getting you the best deal on your mortgage

Working From Home

Whether it's a new loan or an existing loan, we'll start by showing you which lenders have the best rates in the market, and what product features are available.

This is at no cost to you. Lenders pay us for originating and managing your mortgage because it saves them having to have more branches and more staff.

Your loyalty could be costing you dearly


Refinancing of mortgages are at historically high levels because the lenders are offering great deals to new customers at the expense of their existing customers. Your loyalty could be costing you dearly.

You'll get our full service property management for only $44 per month


It was already great value at 4.4%, but with this new offering you can receive the very same property management service, but for only $44 per month once we offset your property management costs with the fees we receive from your lender for originating and managing your mortgage.

Rent guarantee


When we commit to manage your property, we commit to managing it like it was our own. With 1000+ properties under management, we have the experience and scale to deliver consistently superior results for our Landlords with additional features that your typical suburban real estate agent just can't justify. Our Rent Guarantee is one of those features. Visit our Property Management page to learn about our comprehensive service.

We'll be with you every step of the way


We pride ourselves on long term relationships. We'll be there every step of the way on your property investing journey to create a seamless investing experience.

Helpful Insight

When it comes to your mortgage, your loyalty could be costing you dearly.

The difference between what existing customers are having to pay and what new customers are being offered by many of the main stream lenders is as big as its ever been.


That's why your mortgage needs to be managed to ensure you're not unnecessarily paying a higher interest rate than you need to be.

Whether you need a new loan or to negotiate a better rate on an existing loan, we can take care of it for you.

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